Name and phone #

Please note: if you snore, please bring a tent or a vehicle to sleep in.

Make/model/color/license plate of vehicle I am likely to be driving to camp.

Because I love Camp Fareta and I can afford to pay more for camp, I am making a contribution toward the Camp Fareta scholarship fund.

I understand that I am responsible for my own physical and emotional well-being and that neither Camp Fareta, Dancing Village Productions, nor the event site management is responsible for personal injury or loss of property during this event.

I also understand that Camp Fareta and Hye Sierra and their staff reserve the right to ask anyone to leave due to disruptive, disrespectful, or inappropriate behavior. THIS INCLUDES DISREGARD FOR SMOKING AND FIRE SAFETY GUIDELINES.

I agree to allow to have my likeness, image, and/or sound of my voice in still and moving images taken at Camp Fareta to be used for Camp Fareta promotions, or to make it clear before camp begins that I wish to be excluded from this, by emailing and stating my wishes.

For questions, email: