Please note: if you snore, please bring a tent or a vehicle to sleep in.

I understand that I am responsible for my own physical and emotional well-being and that neither Camp Fareta, Dancing Village Productions, nor the site management is responsible for personal injury or loss of property during the event.

I understand that Camp Fareta and Hye Sierra and their staff reserve the right to ask me to leave due to disruptive, disrespectful, or inappropriate behavior INCLUDING DISREGARD FOR SMOKING/FIRE SAFETY GUIDELINES.

I agree that my likeness, image, and/or sound of my voice in still and moving images taken at Camp Fareta may be used for promotions, or I will let it be known by email before camp begins that I wish to be excluded from this.

I understand that I might contract Covid-19 at Camp Fareta, and that this may cause serious illness or even death. I accept this as a risk of my participation. I also understand that even if I contract Covid-19 at camp and do not become seriously ill, I could infect others, who may be more vulnerable than I am.

For questions, email: